Start: Johannesburg & Pretoria
 End:   Johannesburg & Pretoria  Depart every  Camping  Bedded
 4 day Kruger national park  Mon, Thu, Sat  R 4950  R 5950
 7 day Victoria Falls  Monday  R 7100  –
 11 day Kruger park & Victoria Falls  Thursday  R 12050  R 13050
 11 day Victoria Falls & Kruger park  Monday  R 12050  R 13050
 Start: Johannesburg & Pretoria
 End:   Victoria Falls  Depart every  Camping  Bedded
 2 day Johannesburg to Victoria Falls  Monday  R 1900
 4 day Victoria Falls  Monday  R 4500
 6 day Kruger park to Victoria Falls  Thursday  R 6850  R 7850
 8 day Kruger park to Victoria Falls  Thursday  R 9450  R 10450
 Start: Victoria Falls
 End:   Johannesburg & Pretoria  Depart every  Camping  Bedded
 3 day Victoria Falls to Johannesburg  Friday  R 2900
 7 day Victoria Falls to Kruger park  Friday  R 7850  R 8200
Tailormade / Custom made tours and safaris
Livingstone Trails will do tailor made tours for groups of minimum 6 people, or the payment for 6 people. We do tailormade tours throughout South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and the Zambian side of Victoria Falls. Email us with your dates, group size, type of accommodation and any other special requirements. We will design a tailormade tour according to your requirements.